Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Snow Angel

On Monday, we had our first snowfall of the year. This is to be expected when you live in Alberta. Needless to say, I was mad and sad but there was a glimmer of hope... ISLA! I knew she would love the snow and because I love her so much, I needed to get over my pity party and get my butt out in the snow. Nana and Popi (my mom & dad) bought Isla a new snowsuit a couple months back (August, really??) so we decided to wait for Daddy to get home from work and head out to the backyard to play. Despite our best efforts, Isla simply couldn't move in her new suit so she sat joyfully in the snow and tried to pick it up with her covered hands. I never thought I would say this, but I am looking forward to spending this winter with Isla and Cam outside!

There are no words for her adorableness here. Just a tiny head and a sea of snowsuit. 

Isla + Snow = Love

"Why is my world so white? What IS this stuff?"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Weekend Photos

Here are some photos from our weekend previously blogged about.

Isla and her pal Kinley playing together at our pumpkin party at the Macneils.

Us carving a pumpkin and Isla getting her little paws in there too!

Isla. Looking as cute as ever.

Where's Isla? Can you spot her? Isla and her friends at Luci's Birthday party. 

Isla and Martin, all snuggles. 

Isla and me with her first loot bag ever. 

So cute.

Monday, October 25, 2010

A Few Things...

Just a few things to mention about what has transpired in our lives this past weekend.

1. Everyone must go see "Life As We Know It". It is only the best movie ever. Seriously. There is a little something for everyone... humor for the comedy lovers, tears for the drama crazed and Josh Duhamel for every woman with a pulse (he is ridiculously attractive... just sayin). We laughed, we cried (and I do mean 'we'... Cam may have shed a tear or two) and I know Amy had a few sniffly moments. *Disclaimer* - If you do go see this movie, you MUST bring tissues, it's essential.  A definite MUST. SEE. EVENT. Thanks Jeskes for the truly devine evening.

2. Isla went to a birthday party this weekend and enjoyed cupcakes and ice cream too (Daddy went a little over board with the ice cream... most of it ended up back on her shirt). We went swimming with Isla's little friends and she frolicked and played in the water with her pals. Simply darling I tell you. She also received her first loot bag. We took a photo of all her friends... including little Martin getting fresh with her. Too much.

3. As a result of this, we signed Isla up for swimming lessons at Fountain Park Pool (Thanks Erin for the suggestion). They start in February and are SO cheap :) 8 weeks long and the program is called "Babes". So excited.

4. Isla also carved her first pumpkin. And no, we didn't let her have the knife but she played (a little) with the goo but we stopped her before any of it made it into her mouth! We had a lovely time eating delicious pizza, playing in the tub (not the adults, just the kids) and carving with the Macneils. Thanks for hosting us pals.

All in all, a wonderful weekend.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Isla's First Spoon

Not the kind of spoon you eat with... the kind of spoon where you cuddle something precious to you.
Today, I peeked in on Isla as she was napping (something I do every now and then just to watch her sleep... she is so dreamy and peaceful) and this is what I found.

Isla is spooning Zoe the Zebra... her favorite stuffy. Notice her little hand caressing her and her face canoodled right in to Zoe's back. This is quite possibly THE cutest thing I have ever seen. I love her so much. 

Monday, October 18, 2010


On Saturday, Cam and I went out looking for Isla's Halloween costume! We found the PERFECT one... she is going to be SO adorable... I simply cannot wait. I am not telling. Stay tuned for photos.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Isla loves to Choo-Choo-Choo

Yesterday marked a very special occasion. Isla went on the train at Galaxyland for the very first time! It was so priceless. We got her little hand stamped at the ticket booth (it's free for kids under 2 AND their chaperone and it includes several of the kiddie rides), which was so cute to see the 'GLD' spread across her tiny hand. We lined up and waited for the 'CHOO-CHOO' and we piled on. Both Cam and I went on with her (Momo also took her on for an encore ride), and we watched as her eyes grew wide with amazement, bewilderment and pure ecstasy. Her favorite part was the tunnels... the look on her face grew wide as the lights turned out. She stared at the passing rides and gazed forward, overwhelmed and delighted at what she was discovering. It was the best. Here are some photos to mark the day.

My little pear and I waiting for the train ride to begin!

Her eyes as we entered the first tunnel... Deer in Headlights. 

Daddy: "Woa (said in the voice of Joey from 'Blossom')".
Isla: "Daddy, who turned out the lights"?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crazy Christmas-ers

If you know me really well (and my family too), you will know that we LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas. Everything about it... the lights, the smells, the food, the chocolates, the trees, the music (I think *NSYNC Christmas could be the best album ever recorded) and the gifts. We love spending time with our families... laughing, eating and being merry. Seeing as how it was Thanksgiving weekend, we decided to go Christmas shopping. Haha. I'm serious. Cam and I decided to spend part of Holiday Monday Christmas shopping for Isla. Previously, we had discussed getting Isla one toy, one outfit and one book... for several reasons: 
a) she is too little to really KNOW what Christmas is
b) she is going to get spoiled by grandparents and aunts & uncles anyway
c) her 1st Birthday is 12 days later... and a first child's first birthday is a BIG deal
If you know me really well you will ALSO know that sticking to this 'one' business would be impossible for me... and it was. We left Toys R Us with not one toy, not 2 toys... but 5 toys in tow. And not just little hand held toys either... I'm talkin' big, noisy, big girl toys. She is getting a kitchen, a ball pit, a sit and read chair... just to name a few. If you are a family member reading this and you were thinking of getting Isla toys for the upcoming holidays... please DO. We have a very busy child, and despite our splurging, she will need more and more to keep her occupied. We welcome anything. 
I am getting very excited for our first Christmas with her... 73 days left. More Christmas posts to come.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friends Frolic and Play at a Picnic in the Park

Like I have previously mentioned, we love Fall! And lucky for us, the weather has been just beautiful this past week, so we, like any other Edmontonian, have been soaking it up like a sponge knowing that soon, Winter will rear it's ugly head. Isla and I went for a lovely picnic at Hawerlak Park yesterday with Aunty Amy and friend Wren. It is really adorable to watch your children play with other babies. Isla and Wren have spent plenty of time together and being only 5 weeks apart, they are quite similar in abilities... although Wren is a little faster and a little stronger than Isla. We are hoping that the friendship they have now will grow and these two ladies will be the best of friends. It looks like this will be so. We played on the swings and then had a lovely little picnic in the park. Feeding yourselves and your babies on a blanket in a park with a noticeably missing high chair is much harder than it sounds... and with 2 babies, it makes for quite the busy and fun event. Isla was eating Wren's mum mums, Wren was really wanting the avacado smeared across Isla's face and more than anything, they both desperately wanted the leaves that seemed to pour like rain from the limbs of the trees. Watching the 2 interact was nothing short of a comedic act. Both of us Moms were busting a gut as we were snapping up the photo ops (Amy is posting the same event on her blog as well!). It is fun to think that these girls could develop a life long friendship, just like their dads. Kenton (Amy's husband) and Cam have known each other since birth and are still friends now, 27 years later. Kinda crazy really. I am officially old. Check out the girls, who coincidentally, match in the cutest sweaters ever. Great friends (and great Moms) think alike.
Enjoying the beloved swing.

Wren: I want that lid Isla.
Isla: But it's mine.
Wren: But I had it first. 

Wren: HAHA. I win. I got it. Take that.
Isla: Alrighty then. Fine by me.

Isla: Ok Wren, I lied. I want it RIGHT NOW!
Wren: Well then, come and get it.

Amy and Jill: Girls. There is plenty of lid to go around. Let's play nice for the rest of our picnic please.
Girls: Yes Mom.

Isla: Truce?
Wren: (thinking really hard)...

Wren: (hesitantly) Sure Isla. Truce.
Isla: (tickled pink) Thanks Wren. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bunnies at the Public Library

Today, I decided to get a library card for the St. Albert Public Library. It's super cheap and ultra amazing. We walked down there, which is only 15 minutes away and signed ourselves up. I felt so sophisticated and smart, perusing the aisles and picking out various books and DVD's. My stroller was overflowing (literally... I had to pick up fallen items SEVERAL times on the walk home) with goodies for both Isla and I.  I also signed up Isla for the "Bunnies" program. It's just for babies and happens every Monday night in November from 6 - 6:30 pm... perfect timing. They do read-a-louds, sing-a-longs and puppetry. Isla is SO pumped (ok, I am so pumped, but still).

THE card. 

Isla visibly excited for our lovely fall walk to the library.

Look of enthusiasm after telling her about her upcoming 'Bunnies' program. 

Isla discovers a...


 Cam snapped these photos of Isla as she was playing in the leaves at Momo's house. Watch her delicious expressions as she discovers Chad (that's the cat).

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pretty Pictures

Isla helping with laundry. 

Lovin' life in the tub.

Big Smiles. 

I can stand all by myself. 

9 Months

9 months ago today, I gave birth. Crazy thought really. Isla has been outside my tummy the same amount of time she was inside. Although I absolutely loved being pregnant, I love having her with me SO MUCH more. She certainly has changed in this last month. The biggest new development?? SHE CRAWLS (as previously mentioned). She is just the little motorboat these days. She moves all across rooms and has figured out already how to make a giant mess. She cleans out her book basket, her block basket, her toy bins and pulls herself up to stand on anything she can. She has become quite the giggler, especially when we find her ticklish spots. She loves games like Peek-A-Boo and Patty Cake... she lights up like a light when we start playing. She also loves the song "If You're Happy and You Know It". She claps her hands along to the beat. However, the cutest thing I think she does is give kisses. If you say 'Kiss', she will open her gooey, wet mouth and lean in and plant those lips on yours. Cutest ever. Her technique certainly needs work and we must address the excess saliva issue, but not quite yet. Her little kisses are just perfect. She is still eating lots of solids... her favorites? Any mashed up fruit and avacados. It's amazing to watch her grow and change daily. Her 9 month check up was yesterday and the doc says she is perfectly healthy and growing just so. She is in the 50th percentile for weight, coming in at a whopping 18.5 pounds and in the 75th for height, measuring in at just over 28 inches. And her head... well, let's just say it's huge (her toques are 12-24 months).
For some reason, I cannot upload pictures. Stay tuned.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Mobility = Madness


Isla was SO SO SO close for so long. She would get on all fours, take a step or 2 and then just give up and drag herself with her arms. Now, she motors all over the place. As I type, my child crawled across the room to me and then pulled herself up on the couch. I looked down and saw these big blueberry eyes staring up at me. Too adorable to describe.
This means a whole new ball game for us. Plan for today? Baby proof!

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Walk in the Park

Last night, Cam and I took Isla to the park. Now, this was definitely not our first time at a park but it was the first time I brought the camera. Isla just loves the swings. She could probably sit in them forever if she could, but alas, we have to eat and sleep too. Darnit. I did take... oh I dunno, 100 pictures to capture the glee Isla was experiencing, but taking 'good' pictures of a baby is next to impossible. Here are some of my faves.

Just look at how she sits in the swing. Leaning forward, not holding on, swinging like a limp noodle. She is too much.